2018 New Year Resolution

New year same me

Posted by Yanqi Liu on Jan, 2018

This is probably my first new year resolution. Year 2018 is dog year, which is my Chinese zodiac year, which also indicates I am turning 24 this year. I used not to have plans in my life. However, now I'm more feeling growing up and I want to improve myself to a better person. So here are my new year resolutions that I hope I can work on it throughout this year.

Academic goals

Research Comp

As a phD student, at the end of April (2 days after my birthday), there is an phD standing evaluation test called research comp. I passed the programing comp last semester which is mainly tested about my programming skills and this semester, I am evaluated on my research progress. To be honest, I've not been fully involved in research last semester because I'm chill/lazy about doing research and plus I am still in the phase of figuring out a direction to take in the project. This semester I decided to spend much more time in research. I put following sub-goals as the details of what I will be doing. In general, I hope I can pass the research comp.

Reading 2 papers a week

Reading is definitely an important part in phD career. In the last semester I did not keep reading. This year, I decided to read 2 papers a week, including detailed notes taking.

Start the day at 9am

One good part of not having that many classes is that I have more time to sleep. Sometimes I find myself going to the lab pretty late. This semester I want to start my day early including waking up at 9am and eating breakfast. This may be hard to achieve since it's winter semester but I would like to give it a try.

Have plans for every day

In order to improve working efficiency and keeping track of myself, I want to start planning work out for every day, including what I want to achieve every day and what I've done at the end of the day.

Networking with more people

I wanna be more brave in terms of socializing with people this year, including the people I met in academia and people I met in industry and try to build up a personal relationship with those people.

Health goals

Go to the gym three times a week

I started to have a rigorous gym schedule, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I've been doing pretty good this month and it really helps my procrastination by having a fixed workout schedule.

Doing one pull up

I have no idea if I am able to do this but I'm working on it.

Doing one push up

This sounds more practical but still needs more work.

Travel goals

Travel to a new place

Tbh, I don't see much travel chances coming up this year but I still wanna squeeze some time for traveling.